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  • Sweden’s Best-Kept Technology Secret

    Did you know that the world’s first commercial Internet-like data communication system was developed in Sweden in the early 1970s? KTH Professor Torsten Cegrell, back then an employee of the electrical engineering firm Asea, developed a routing function to help message packets select the correct path through a network — a solution that made possible the Internet as we know it today.

  • Your site’s carbon dioxide emissions

    KTH researcher Jorge Zapico has developed an application which can calculate the carbon footprint of individual websites. The application is called Greenalytics and matches the latest web statistics with environmental data. It turns out that the KTH website produces seven tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

  • Disaster warner and revolution catalyst in one

    Researchers at KTH have now developed a system for wireless sharing and communication which they call Podnet. The aim has been to investigate and facilitate sporadic communication between different devices, such as mobile phones, mp3 players and tablet computers. According to Gunnar Karlsson, Professor of Communication Networks and head of Podnet, there are many areas of application for the system.

  • New technology for better healthcare in developing countries

    A group of students at KTH have now released a third version of the software Bytewalla. It may for example help nurses to communicate with hospitals despite the absence of internet access.