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  • Who left the dogs out?

    Their migration spanned half the globe and their culture was spread across the Pacific and Indian Oceans; but in Madagascar, the ancient Indonesians left behind a mystery. What happened to their dogs?

  • Genetic Study Confirms: First Dogs Came from East Asia

    Researchers at KTH say they have found further proof that the wolf ancestors of today’s domesticated dogs can be traced to southern East Asia — findings that run counter to theories placing the cradle of the canine line in the Middle East.

  • World record in DNA analysis

    To date, scientists have been limited to running a small number of DNA samples at a time at a cost of SEK 100,000 per sample. KTH researchers have now come up with a new method which means that 5,000 samples can be run simultaneously for the same price. This cuts the cost per test result considerably and is a world record for the number of samples run in a single DNA sequence analysis.

  • Charting the Stone Age spread of dingoes and domesticated dogs

    The odyssey of dogs and dingoes from China to Polynesia and Australia can now be mapped. KTH genetic researchers Peter Savolainen and Mattias Oskarsson have presented a new study showing how the domestic dog accompanied humans across the islands of Southeast Asia.

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Last changed: Sep 22, 2020