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  • Teachers in Chemistry are sharing equally

    More professors and researchers at the School of Chemical Science and Engineering have started to become involved in the teaching. The background is the new staffing system, which led to a more equitable distribution of teaching assignments. The collective responsibility for the education is increasing the quality of the courses, according to those responsible for the reform.

  • Carbon fibre from wood is used to build car

    Remember wood paneled station wagons? Well, wood is back, but this time it's not for aesthetics — it's for reducing vehicle weight with renewable materials. Swedish researchers have just produced the world's first model car with a roof and battery made from wood-based carbon fibre.

  • Studying together for success

    Peer teaching is the path to success for new students. They learn the university's study techniques much quicker, which lowers the dropout rate and improves the pass rate. This has been the experience of several schools at KTH. Recently, the Chemistry and Biotechnology departments also started employing this concept. The first evaluations indicate that peer teaching is a success.

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Last changed: Sep 22, 2020