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  • Researcher helps characters get their lines right

    A new movie-making app uses technology developed at KTH to literally put the words in the characters’ mouths.

  • How humans develop echolocation skills is revealed in new research

    Ongoing research at KTH reveals that when navigating by echolocation, as blind people do, our powers of hearing can be used in ways we never realized.

  • Our music tastes are based on some shared perceptions

    Metal heads, jazz purists and folkies may have more in common musically than you thought. A new study at KTH Royal Institute of Technology sheds light on the shared ways in which humans perceive music.

  • Social robot faces the real world

    Human interaction with robots is about to get a little more personal. Meet the face of tomorrow's interactive technology.

  • A noteworthy app

    Need some instant musical notation to remember that little tune you just came up with? A new mobile app – created by a Computer Science engineer from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and a professor from KMH Royal College of Music – makes it possible to score any melody instantly and share it.

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Last changed: Sep 22, 2020