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  • Swedish-Swiss Partnership in Accelerator Science

    KTH, Stockholm University and Uppsala University have signed an agreement with two leading Swiss research institutions covering technology development for the next generation of free-electron lasers and collaboration in photon and neutron science. The agreement promises a world of new research opportunities in materials and life sciences.

  • Potential for touch screens found at your fingertips

    Our sense of touch is clearly more acute than many realize. A new study demystifies the “unknown sense” with first-ever measurements of human tactile perception.

  • MSc Mathematics

    The joint master’s programme in Mathematics is hosted by world-leading experts and research groups at KTH and Stockholm University. Students specialise in their desired areas of mathematics while acquiring essential skills in problem-solving and logical reasoning. Graduates become industrial mathematicians, often data analysts, financial analysts or within software engineering, or go on to PhD studies at prominent institutions.

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Last changed: Sep 22, 2020