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  • Exotic nuclei shed light on the elements

    A research team led by Bo Cederwall, professor of experimental nuclear physics at KTH, has identified the basic structure of the extremely neutron-poor atomic nucleus 92Pd. The discovery, which is now presented in the science journal Nature, is providing new insights into basic nuclear physics but may also have implications for our understanding of the evolution of stars and how some of our basic elements have been created.

  • Nobel Winner for Quasicrystals to Speak at KTH

    It’s a story of vindication: for years, Israeli researcher Dan Shechtman was ridiculed by his peers for claiming that he had discovered a new form of crystalline structure—one that conventional wisdom held to be impossible. Now he’s in Stockholm to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his ground-breaking work on the structure he named “quasicrystal.”

  • Nobel laureates' chemistry work taken further at KTH

    For nearly 20 years, two research groups at KTH Royal Institute of Technology have been building on the groundbreaking computer simulation models developed by this year's Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry.

  • More effective anti-retroviral drugs for HIV-infected

    Improved retroviral drugs, new super-efficient cleansing agent and new plastics. This could be the result of a KTH student’s research developments.

  • Eco-safe antibacterial fibre discovered

    Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology have discovered an antibacterial polymer that can be used in everyday products such as sportswear, diapers and bandages, without causing resistant bacteria.

  • KTH researchers have discovered a new molecule

    Trinitramid, as it is called, is the new molecule which, among other things, may become a component in future rocket fuels. Fuels which in this case would be 20-30 percent more effective compared to the best rocket fuels available today.

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