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  • Freedom for researchers behind the success

    Several educational programmes at the University of Illinois are ranked in the top ten in the USA. The university has also nurtured many of the world’s leading profiles within the IT industry. One explanation for the success of KTH’s new partner is that we have succeeded in combining the best from the private and the public universities’ different worlds.

  • Donation rescued computer science

    When computer science grew explosively in the 1990s, emergency needs arose locally for computer education at the University of Illinois. An intensive fundraising campaign came to the rescue. IT billionaire and alumnus Thomas Siebel donated USD 32 million to the construction of the world-famous Siebel Center.

  • MSc Media Management

    The master's programme in Media Management focuses on the development and marketing of media products and services, combining skills in media technology and business management, with expertise in sustainability, intercultural communication, innovation and product development. Graduates gain the essential skills to lead innovative media companies and face a variety of roles in for examples in digital publishing, broadcasting, interactive media and consulting, or PhD studies.

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