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  • Before you swipe, remember your privacy

    You give up more than your money when you make purchases by mobile phone or bank card. Every non-cash transaction sends a new stream of personal data to the government, insurance companies and anyone else who wants your personal details. A KTH computer science researcher explains what you need to know — before you swipe.

  • Online time can hobble brain’s important work

    While you are browsing online, you could be squandering memories – or losing important information.

  • ERC Consolidator Grants to two KTH researchers

    Recently, the European Research Council (ERC) published the results of the 2017 call for proposals for ERC Consolidator Grants. Of the total of 14 Swedish researchers who received grants, two are from KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Dejan Kostic, Professor of Internetworking and Per Högselius, Associate Professor in the field of the History of Science, Technology and Environment.

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Last changed: Sep 22, 2020