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  • Method could be boost to large scale production of graphene

    The measure by which any conductor is judged is how easily, and speedily, electrons can move through it. On this point, graphene is one of the most promising materials for a breathtaking array of applications. However, its ultra-high electron mobility is reduced when you synthesize larger sheets of the material. Now this barrier to industrial production of graphene may be broken as a result of new research done at KTH with universities in Germany.

  • Master students pitched sustainable energy plan for city in China

    Solar panels and wind turbines where production is supported by batteries that store the energy generated. Biogas as fuel, produced from the city's organic waste. But above all, an innovative citizen oriented credit system that promotes a sustainable lifestyle. That was the proposal for a sustainable energy plan for the Chinese city of Meili that masters students from KTH pitched on a visit there in late September.

  • Risto felt he needed to enhance his expertise and joined KTH

    Risto Vahenurm from Tallinn, Estonia studied the master's programme in Real Estate and Construction Management. The experienced professionalism and connections for life at KTH exceeded his expectations.

  • Studies within Media Technology and Interaction Design

    The division offers the following programmes:

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