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  • Potential for magnetic cellulose comes in crisp and clear

    Throughout the ages, Sweden has relied on its vast forests as a source of sustenance and economic growth. Now add the world’s first magnetic cellulose membrane loudspeakers to the list of products that can be produced from wood.

  • New car roof means reduced fuel consumption

    A researcher at KTH has managed to reduce the weight of the car roof by 80 percent without making the roof significantly more expensive or producing inferior properties. If anything, the opposite is true, the new roof provides greater comfort and it is much easier to hear your passengers when you talk to one another. If the techniques used for the design of the roof of the car are also applied to the entire vehicle, it can reduce fuel consumption substantially.

  • Magnetic nanopaper shows the way for new forest products

    Researchers at KTH, Wallenberg Wood Science Center (WWSC) and SU have succeeded in creating magnetic nanoparticles in super-strong nanopaper. The new nanopaper is extremely light, strong and flexible and can, among other things, be used to prevent the forgery of paper money, and also to filter off metal particles.

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Last changed: Sep 22, 2020