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  • Cities´ and regions´ adaptation to public transport – basic data, analyses and steering instruments in planning

    New PhD course, code FAG3007, 3 credits

  • Breakthrough in the fight against “track slip”

    Track slip caused by leaves on the track costs SEK 100 million annually, according to a study by the National Rail Administration. A solution to the problem, which according KTH researchers is most prevalent in the Stockholm area around late October/November, is however close to hand. The origin of this slipperiness caused by leaves falling on the tracks is unclear, and intensive research is now being conducted on how it can be most easily detected and best eradicated.

  • 300 km per hour – greatest moment

    He is certainly not a train fanatic, Sebastian Stichel, newly appointed Professor of rail vehicle dynamics. But he is certainly interested in trains. Not so much that he waits with bated breath every time an old steam train puffs away from the train station. But his interest is strong enough for him to get a dreamy look in his eyes when he talks about the 30 track wide railway lines in his native Germany.

  • Better traffic situation in Stockholm led to prize

    At KTH a project is now underway to improve traffic conditions in the Stockholm area. It is so popular among Swedes that yesterday it received the “Prize for a smarter planet”.

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