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  • IT will solve tomorrow's energy problems

    Reducing our electricity consumption which will lead to smarter storage and distribution of electricity are two major challenges we face. When the third meeting of the conference ICES begins on 2 September, the arrangers and the researchers at KTH intend to tackle these problems; they also aim to define a number of new challenges which are worthy of further research.

  • Solar energy faces up to a challenge

    Better feeds to the electricity grid, energy storage and smart grids in combination with solar cells and less expensive solar equipment. These are a few of the items on the agenda to ensure that solar energy will become an energy solution to be reckoned with in the future.

  • Researchers very critical of the security of the electricity grid

    Smart electricity grids are the future and the IT company Cisco is the only company to have assessed the market in communication products in the smart electricity grid which alone is worth SEK 70 billion over the next five-to ten-year period. But the way to the smart electricity grid's entry into our homes is lined with challenges. Now two KTH professors are raising their voices about the lack of security in today's grid and tomorrow’s smarter cousin.

  • The world’s largest innovation factory is launched

    The search for new inventions and the roll-out of many new jobs is underway. This major European investment in energy - InnoEnergy – will create 60 new companies and 100 new products in the energy sector by the year 2014. The total budget behind the project is astounding – over 6 billion SEK.

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Last changed: Sep 22, 2020