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  • Put a Medical Advisor on Your Finger

    It’s hard not to invoke the epic fantasy catchphrase from The Lord of the Rings: “one ring to rule them all.” The KTH spin-off company SenseM wants to put a band on your finger that will do everything from monitoring your health to controlling your Xbox.

  • “Using your phone in the car cuts costs and pollution – and it can save lives”

    Peter Händel wants you to make your mobile phone a part of the car’s dashboard. The KTH Professor of Signal Processing has helped create a new mobile application for safer and more efficient driving. “In the public debate, drivers are often warned about using a mobile phone while driving, but I say the opposite: your mobile phone should be seen as an extension of the car’s dashboard.”

  • Trapped by avalanche – saved by an app

    Save your friend who is buried in an avalanche while waiting for the rescue team to arrive. An app developed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, makes it possible for skiers with smartphones to find people buried in the snow.

  • The machine that can paint your feelings

    Are you feeling excited? Metaphone is a machine that captures your emotions and paints an image that expresses them. The use of biodata to interact with technology and to facilitate communication between people is a field that’s becoming ever hotter.

  • Swedes turn to app to guard their neighbourhoods

    It's every parent's nightmare. You lose track of your 4-year-old at a playground, and the next thing you know, and you're running around, frantically asking people if they've seen your child.

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