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  • Our value propositions

    KTH Live-In Lab offers something as unique as full-scale testbeds with everything from apartments in building-exempt premises to a changeable and scalable infrastructure. KTH Live-In Lab can match customer projects with researchers from relevant interest areas and create individual offers within the framework of each project. It also includes a user- and property database and a very valuable collaboration platform.

  • Vision, Purpose and Goal

    KTH Live-In Lab enables testing of products, services and methods in real buildings, which results in a well-founded basis for changing structures and rules, and increased use of new innovative technology. Tests in KTH Live-In Lab lead to accelerated innovation.

  • For educators

    KTH Live-In Lab provides a natural point of contact between students and industry. By using KTH Live-In Lab as a case or project assignment in course curricula, students from different programs can contribute to the evaluation and validation of tests that are in progress and also collaborate with the team designing the constellation for the coming year's innovation-area of the testbeds. Existing courses can also be tied to KTH Live-In Lab.

  • LIL – Multiple testbeds

    The four available testbeds are designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind to be able to incorporate almost any product or service imaginable, and together with other solutions make one integrated real-life trial system.

  • Submit your project idea for testing a solution

    We offer working space, space for your necessary installations as well as infrastructure and the context needed to conduct research & tests in a real-life setting. Through tests projects / commissioned research we can together verify and optimize technologies and methods in actual working conditions.

  • Theses at KTH Live-In Lab

    Theses assignments are valuable ways for students and companies to collaborate and investigate current topics of interest. Contact us if you are interested in writing your thesis together with KTH Live-In Lab.

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