Vinnova project "Electronic Biomolecule Sensor"

This is the homepage for the Vinnova project under the theme "Banbrytande elektronik": Electronic Biomolecule Sensor (Elektronisk Biomolekylsensor) Project period: July 2008 - June 2011 Total budget: 10.950 kkr



Jan Linnros KTH-ICT Materials Physics
Shili Zhang KTH-ICT Semiconductor devices
Amelie Eriksson Karlström KTH BIO Molecular biotechnology
Christian Vieider ACREO AB Nanoelectronics

Personel active in the project
Group Name Function
KTH-ICT Materials Physics  Jan Linnros  Coordinator 
  Christian Valenzuela  PhD student 
KTH-ICT Semiconductor devices  Shili Zhang  Group leader 
  Si Chen  PhD student 
  Yong-Bin Wang  Senior researcher 
KTH-BIO Molecular biotechnology  Amelie Eriksson Karlström  Group leader 
  Nima Jokilaakso  PhD student 
ACREO Nanoelectronics  Christian Vieider  Group leader 
  Tommy Schönberg  Senior researcher 
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