Linnaeus Center in Advanced Optics and Photonics


A cohesive academic center in optics and photonics spanning KTH, Stockholm University, and the research institute ACREO. ADOPT focuses on four promising science and technology research areas: functional optical materials, nanophotonic devices, near-field optics, and quantum information and quantum optics.
[ Image: "Luminescent wood" by Ilya Sytjugov, from image contest]


2017-04-06: KTH-IEEE Seminar
- Cultural Competence - A Key Skill to Work Successfully in International Teams
- Ekaterina von Gertten, and Elena Vasilieva
- Hall B, Electrum KTH Kista, 5-7pm
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2017-03-22: QMP seminar
- Filamentation of ultrashort laser pulses in air
- Andre Mysyrowicz
- FA31, KTH AlbaNova, 1-2PM
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2017-03-15: QMP seminar
- Qubiz
- Cathal Mahon
- FB42, KTH AlbaNova
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2017-03-09: Optopub
- Visual optics: Focus on the periphery
- Visualization of 3D-augmented and virtual reality
- PhotonicSweden's new website
- Hall B, Electrum, KTH Kista, 5:30pm
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2 Dec: Hamamatsu Technology Days
- Chalmers Conference Center, Gothenburg
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2-3 Nov: Optics & Photonics in Sweden 2016
- Concert and Congress Center, Linköping
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