Linnaeus Center in Advanced Optics and Photonics


A cohesive academic center in optics and photonics spanning KTH, Stockholm University, and the research institute ACREO. ADOPT focuses on four promising science and technology research areas: functional optical materials, nanophotonic devices, near-field optics, and quantum information and quantum optics.
[ Image: "Crystal domain" by Hoda Kianirad, from image contest]


2017-08-23: ADOPT seminarium
- Intrinsic nanostructures–semiconducting asymmetric nano-channel diodes
- Roman Sobolewski, University of Rochester
- Room FB41, KTH AlbaNova
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2017-06-15: PhD defence by Charlotte Liljestrand
- Advanced nano- and microdomain engineering of Rb-doped KTiOPO4 for nonlinear optical applications
- Room FA32, KTH AlbaNova, 9:15AM
- Opponent Sunao Kurimura, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan
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2019-06-09: PhD defence Aditya Kakkar
- Frequency Noise in Coherent Optical Systems: Impact and Mitigation Methods
- Hall C, Electrum, Kista, 2 pm
- Opponent Magnus Karlsson, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola
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2019-06-09: PhD defence Jaime Rodrigo Navarro
- Phase Noise Tolerant Modulation Formats and DSP Algorithms for Coherent Optical Systems
- Hall C, Electrum, Kista, 10 am
- Opponent Gabriella Bosco, Politecnico di Torino
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2017-05-24: QMP seminar
- Entangled photons based on strain-engineered quantum dots
- Rinaldo Trotta, Johannes Kepler University
- FA32, KTH AlbaNova, 11:00am
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17 Oct: ADOPT Day
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17-21 Sept: ECOC 2017
- The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre, Gothenburg
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