• Welcome to KTH Kista

    Published Aug 10, 2017
    To welcome you to KTH and the Chapter for Information- and Nanotechnology the chapter with support from KTH arranges a two-week reception in August, which will prepare you for your first year at the school

  • KTH winners of IEEE SCALE challenge award 2017

  • Deep Analytics for Continuous Real-time Decisions  

    Published May 16, 2017
    The digitization is now generating more data than we can handle, and as the data is created there is a need to immediately process the data to make split-second decisions. Seif Haridi, Professor of Computer Systems at KTH Kista has been granted 33 million Swedish corona for his research plan to build the foundations of next generation scalable big data platforms for real-time decision making.  

  • Congratulations on your graduation, Doctor Rui Lin!

    Published Mar 28, 2017
    The topic of Doctor Rui Lins PhD dissertation is "High-Capacity Short-Reach Optical Communications"

  • Congratulations on your graduation, Doctor Arash Salemi!

    Published Mar 23, 2017
    The topic of Doctor Arash Salemis PhD dissertation is "Silicon Carbide Technology for High- and Ultra-High-Voltage Bipolar Junction Transistors and PiN Diodes"

  • Congratulations on your graduation, Doctor Jin Dai

    Published Mar 17, 2017
    The topic of Doctor Jin Dais PhD dissertation is "Near-Field Radiative Heat Transfer between Plasmonic Nanostructures"

  • High speed broadband to air passengers

    Published Dec 22, 2016
    A new project from EIT Digital has been launched. The project aims to provide seamless gate-to-gate connectivity for aircraft through a high capacity Direct Air-to-Ground Communications (DA2GC) system integrated with ground cellular networks. This will provide high speed broadband simultaneously to all passengers in aircraft flying in Europe and potentially beyond.

  • The winner of KTH Innovation Challenge “Digital Future” crowned

    Published Dec 21, 2016
    With the idea EVintellect Project, KTH phD student Saleh Kargarrazi together with Maryam Pourreza, won the KTH Innovation Challenge “Digital Future”. The competition is a yearly competition run by KTH Innovation and the team will now get SEK 50 000 to spend on developing their idea.

  • 5G will enable the Internet of Things

    Published Dec 14, 2016
    In this episode of KTH Tech Talks we meet Jens Zander discussing 5G with Lena Wosinska, professor in telecommunications at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

  • We welcome KTH Innovation to our school

    Published Oct 31, 2016
    KTH Innovation has since its establishment helped professors, researchers and students with over 1600 different innovation projects. As from today, they will be located in the Electrum house. Malin Luuke, communications manager at KTH Innovation talks about their Pop-up office.

  • Welcome to KTH Global in Kista

    Published Oct 25, 2016
    Are you interested in studying abroad at one of KTH’s partner universities next year? Welcome to KTH Global in Kista to learn more and hear about all the opportunities you have as a student at the School of Information and Communication Technology. During the event both incoming and outgoing students will be available to answer questions about their universities and practical things to consider before the exchange.

  • Mikael Östling nominated as Deputy President

    Published Sep 30, 2016
    Mikael Östling has been nominated as the new Deputy President of KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Östling comes to the role from his current position as a researcher and head of department at Kista and brings considerable experience to the institute’s top management.

  • Welcome to Smart programming day

  • The clean room at focus of the project Nanonets2Sense

    Published May 27, 2016
    The work to find out how to minimize sensors to simplify medical analysis methods continues. KTH has now been commissioned to develop a technology which could revolutionize the health care system.

  • Welcome to Kista Makerspace

    Published Apr 12, 2016
    The Kista Mentorspace has officially opened at KTH the School for Information and Communication Technology. Professor Mark Smith explains the new concept.

  • Congratulations on your graduation Doctor Shuo Li

    Published Jan 05, 2016
    Shuo Li is a graduating PhD student in department of Electronic and Embedded Systems.

  • Congratulations on your graduation Doctor Tingsu Chen

    Published Dec 22, 2015
    Tingsu Chen from Beijing, China came to KTH for Master studies in 2009. After that she was enrolled as a doctoral student and now she has defended his PhD thesis "Spin Torque Oscillator Modeling, CMOS Design and STO-CMOS Integration".

  • Congratulations on your graduation doctor Mahtab Sangghaleh

    Published Dec 04, 2015
    Mahtab Sangghaleh from Iran came to KTH for master studies in Nanotechnology. A course in Nanoelectronics made her interested in silicon nanocrystals and she continued with doctoral studies within the field. Now she had defended her PhD thesis “Carrier Dynamics in Single Luminescent Silicon Quantum Dots”.

  • Congratulations on your graduation Doctor Georgios Varisteas

    Published Nov 30, 2015
    Georgios Varisteas from Athens, Greece came to KTH for master studies in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems. Thereafter he was enrolled as a doctoral student. Now he has defended his PhD thesis "Effective cooperative scheduling of task-parallel applications on multiprogrammed parallel architectures".

  • "While teaching you always have to find a good balance between cutting edge topics and fundamentals"

    Published Nov 26, 2015
    Paolo Monti has worked as a researcher at KTH since 2008. He completed his undergraduate studies in Italy but came to KTH via USA where he spent almost eight years as a researcher both in academia and industry. This fall he became a docent at KTH in Optical Networking.

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