"Important to find those who want to create jobs in Sweden!"

Nicole Forsberg is the project manager for the Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program. She told us more about who can apply for the program and highlighted the importance of boosting those who want to boost Sweden.

You are project manager for the Bicky Chakraborty Entrepreneur Program, what is it all about?
The program will run for a year and aims to support 5-7 selected entrepreneurs through coaching, innovation support and the opportunity to secure funding for development of their project during that year. In summary, the objective of the program is create the optimum conditions for these entrepreneurs to grow quickly, but also provide methods for sustainability so that more Sweden based innovative products and services are created.

Who is the program for?
The program is for KTH students and researchers with an innovative business idea focussing on staying in Sweden. You can read more about the criteria here .

What can an accepted entrepreneur expect from the program?
During the year a number of meetings will be held where funding is granted, goals are set and followed up. Coaching by experienced coaches from KTH Innovation and support by senior mentors also given. The accepted entrepreneur can expect optimal conditions for accelerated and sustainable growth.

Why do you think it is important to promote entrepreneurs at KTH?
KTH is the largest technical univeresity in Sweden and has a broad base of knowledge in technology related areas. At KTH there is an enormous amount of knowledge with the potential to solve many of the challenges of the future. To find, support and motivate individuals with the drive and will to learn and create innovations that take on the challenges of society and has potential for long term sustainable growth and job creation in Sweden - that is importent for this country's ability to compete internationally and stay strong.

Do you have questions about the program?
Contact project manager
Nicole Forsberg  or apply using the link below.

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Last changed: Sep 27, 2017