Today, four billion people in the world lack a proper address. This means for example that they can't open a bank account, or guide an ambulance in an emergency. This is the problem Addressya is here to solve.

Karoline Beronius, one of Addressya's founders, was working at KTH when she got the idea for Addressya, which for a long time was simply called Map Project. 

Addressya develops a global address system connecting governments and business with underserved communities affected by inadequate addresses. It is a mobile app and a system that empowers people as they get access to goods, services and opportunities.

Addressya makes it possible to register a precise, complete and easy to use address, and share it with individuals, businesses and authorities with full control over your personal data. 

What happened after the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program? 

Addressya was one of the teams in Batch 4 of the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. After Demo Day in March 2018, the team have for example won Impact Maker of the Year in Venture Cup , and Karoline Beronius has been named Female Founder of the Year by DI Digital. 

What did they think about the program?

- The support we got from KTH innovation was invaluable. When you’re working in a startup, everything is new and unsure, and you hit a lot of obstacles on the way. In the preincubator, you can get help from your business coach but also from the other cases in the program. Someone has always run into the same problem as you!

- Maria Cheadle, co-founder. Read our article about Addressya here.

Visit Addressya's website here!

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Last changed: Dec 16, 2019