Budkeep introduces the storage solution industry to the sharing economy. We help individuals and companies to make extra money by renting out unused space to people who need it for storage.

The future of storage!

- Together, we'll make the storage market sustainable!

Today, the storage market is expensive, not very sustainable, and often located far from where you actually want your storage space to be located. At the same time, there are resources in society that are not being used to their full potential. That’s why Budkeep was founded. We change the storage market’s playing field. We want to revolutionize the storage market and contribute to a smart and sustainable city, where we don’t remove green areas to build facilities simply to store our stuff.

Budkeep is a marketplace where individuals and companies can rent and rent out storage space. A basement storage room, a room in your apartment, a closet, a garage, a barn – you name it! Budkeep creates a new way to easily make some money from underused spaces.

Team: Simon Oljemark & Oskar Bergkvist

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Last changed: Dec 18, 2018