Globuzzer provides trustworthy guidance for newly arrived travelers to a city, using a specially designed platform that allow smooth interaction between users, also an easy access for locals and travelers’ feedback, experiences and events. It is your local friend in each city you travel to.

When travelling to an unfamiliar city you might spend unnecessary amounts of money, assume higher risks or use time inefficiently. Globuzzer harnesses the previous experiences of the expat community to meet three priorities: budget, safety and practicality, therefore preventing the customer (expats, nomads and travellers) from being subjected to scams or overpriced services.

With Globuzzer, the customer will have the opportunity to meet other expats and locals in the area to create a more enjoyable and unique trip, the users will feel safer knowing that they have friends (Globuzzer) in the cities they visit or move to; people who they can come to with their concerns and get trustworthy answers.

Globuzzer was built based on expat experiences and other local stories. As regular travellers we'd often found that things like finding a place to stay or using your card abroad can be complicated and when we spoke to friends and family we learned that they had experienced similar problems. We discovered just how hard it is to make trusted friends in a new country, and wished there was a way to easily connect with locals for advice and recommendations. We envisioned Globuzzer as a safe, digital space where travellers, expats and locals could connect at any point during a trip to share their experiences, whether that is looking for an apartment or telling people about a great restaurant. Globuzzer is a place where the expat community helps each other to create rewarding and unique travel experiences.

The team is made up of multi-talented people with background in over 38 different nationalities, who have expertise in areas such as business development, software development, graphic design, sustainable engineering and marketing

Team: Rami Alfasfos, Andrea Scrivano, Jovita Markuckyte, Harianas Dewang, Essam Kalthoum, Polina Otto, Andreas Dahlberg, Sonja Conde.

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Last changed: May 09, 2018