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  • Winning angles

    Published Dec 14, 2018
    A clever way of using advanced technology in a way that can prevent injury and improve athletes' performance was named the winner of our KTH Innovation Challenge Flemingsberg - Tech for better health yesterday.

  • Lunch Seminar: From lab to mountain – how tech from KTH saves lives on the ski slopes

    Published Dec 07, 2018
    For one it started with a sense of powerlessness after a tragic avalanche accident, and for the other with the realization that many traumatic brain injuries could be prevented. Both cases resulted in research projects at KTH, and technology that has saved many people’s lives. Welcome to a lunch seminar on the topic of technology, training and security!

  • 400 people came to KTH to talk equality and technology

    Published Dec 07, 2018
    On December 6th, KTH Innovation opened the doors to TEDxKTH Women: Showing up. 400 participants gathered at KTH to hear six amazing TEDx-talks, eat 800 portions of rescued food, and design creative name tags using 192 colored pencils, over 1000 stickers, and 66 meters of washi tape.

  • KTH startups met leading investors

    Published Nov 28, 2018
    Interest is high in new technology from KTH, not only here in Stockholm, but also on a global scale. Today, KTH Innovation welcomed Klaus Hommels and the team of Lakestar, early investors in companies like Spotify, Klarna, Skype and Airbnb.

  • Prins Daniels Fellowship inspired KTH Students

    Published Nov 23, 2018
    Prince Daniel of Sweden visited KTH On Wednesday November 21st to inspire students to become entrepreneurs.

  • KTH Innovation Challenge Flemingsberg: Tech for better health

    Published Nov 09, 2018
    Are you a KTH researcher, employee, or student with an idea that could prevent disease, improve diagnosis, or provide more efficient health care processes and treatments? Could you somehow improve someone’s health using technology? Are you based at Campus Flemingsberg? Then KTH Innovation has a challenge for you.

  • KTH Innovation on tour: Flemingsberg

    Published Nov 08, 2018
    Hej Flemingsberg! KTH Innovation is coming to you! On four Thursdays in November and December, we'll organize workshops and seminars, provide opportunities to meet our coaches, patent engineer and IP lawyer, hold a KTH Innovation Challenge exclusively for you on Campus Flemingsberg, and much more!

  • Eleven startups accepted to KTH Innovation's Brighter Program

    Published Oct 19, 2018
    Eleven startups have been accepted to KTH Innovation’s Brighter Program, which gives early-stage startups a boost in their global development. Some of the companies that have participated in the program include Greenely, Furhat Robotics, Manomotion och Airmee. Meet the new batch!

  • Loopfree takes home the KTH Innovation Music Tech Challenge

    Published Oct 18, 2018
    On Monday, we finally announced the winner of KTH Innovation Music Tech Challenge. After a tough jury process, the Loopfree team was finally named the winner, and took home the 50 000 SEK in funding.

  • TEDxKTH Women

    Published Oct 08, 2018
    The theme for this year’s TEDWomen conference is Showing Up, and at KTH this is exactly what we’re about to do.

  • KTH Innovation Challenge Music Tech Finale

    Published Sep 28, 2018
    Application for the KTH Innovation Challenge Music Tech has ended and the hard task of picking the most innovative submission has begun. Are you curious about who will win? Join us on October 15th!

  • 15 new startups accepted to the Pre-incubator Program

    Published Sep 24, 2018
    There seems to be no end to how many entrepreneurs KTH can produce. When KTH Innovation welcomes Batch 8, a record-breaking 15 aspiring startups enter the Pre-incubator program.

  • KTH Startup founder won the Alma New Award

    Published Sep 20, 2018
    Tina Bin Zhu, Founder of KTH startup MindfulHu, and a researcher and PhD student of Interaction Design at KTH, won the inaugural Alma New Award for her work in interaction design of personal informatics for wellbeing.

  • KTH startup CodaEasy won Student Superstart in the Venture Cup Sweden Finale 2018

    Published Sep 20, 2018
    In tough competition, CodaEasy took home the award Student Superstart in the Venture Cup Sweden Finale 2018.

  • KTH startups met leading venture capital firm

    Published Sep 20, 2018
    When it comes to top-tier level universities for potential entrepreneurs in the tech space, KTH ranks among the likes of Oxford and Cambridge. This according to Lakestar, a leading European venture capital firm that came to Stockholm for an exclusive event with select KTH startups.

  • Experiences from a successful career of research and entrepreneurship

    Published Sep 17, 2018
    The next event in KTH Innovation’s popular lunch seminar series where we bring up topics specifically for researchers at KTH is soon coming up. This time, we have invited Stefan Ståhl, Professor in Molecular Biotechnology at the Division of Protein Technology at the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health, to share his experience from a long career as a researcher and entrepreneur at KTH.

  • Ideation Workshop – Towards a sustainable fashion industry

    Published Sep 12, 2018
    Join us for a hands-on Ideation Workshop where we will introduce you to useful tools to identify, validate, and develop business ideas from the perspective of creating sustainable change across the entire value chain of the fashion industry

  • Inclined Labs – the KTH startup that can fly

    Published Sep 10, 2018
    Hear KTH Researcher Peter Georén and his co-founder Jonas Tholin tell the story of the KTH startup Inclined Labs, how they became the first people in the world to fly wingsuits indoors, and give their best advice on how you can follow in their footsteps.

  • Lakestar Session

    Published Sep 07, 2018
    Lakestar, one of Europe’s leading venture capital firms visits KTH on September 18th to hold an exclusive session and networking event. You can be one of 20 handpicked representatives from KTH startups who get invited to participate, learn from leading experts, and expand your network.

  • KTH Innovation Challenge Music Tech

    Published Sep 04, 2018
    KTH Innovation has a new challenge for you! This time we want you to come up with an idea in the field of Music Tech. The winning idea(s) will receive 50 000 SEK in Proof of Concept Funding.

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