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  • KTH Innovation in major sports and innovation initiative

    Published Feb 14, 2019

    We share our jogging achievements, put sensors in our shoes, and keep track of every heartbeat. Technology is an increasingly important tool for the a...

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  • 250 people came to Demo Day at KTH Innovation

    Published Feb 08, 2019

    Interest in new technology from KTH was high when five KTH startups graduated from KTH Innovation's pre-incubator program.

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  • Press invitation: Major Swedish sportstech initiative launches in Stockholm

    Racefox is an app based on research from KTH. Picture credit: Racefox
    Published Feb 08, 2019

    Sports, technology and innovation is in focus as the Swedish Olympic Committee, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Karolinska Institute, and the Stock...

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  • KTH startup accelerates image annotation

    KTH student Oscar Örnberg and KTH researcher Vahan Petrosyan from Superannotate AI
    Published Feb 06, 2019

    Based on AI research from KTH, this team has developed one of the fastest image annotation systems on the market. Here’s another KTH startup to keep t...

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  • Apostar: need and competence combined

    Published Jan 30, 2019

    When Fredrik Sebek and Oliver Petri started studying computer science at KTH, none of them had becoming startup founders on their to do list, but that...

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  • KTH Innovation Horsetech Evening

    Published Jan 18, 2019

    Are you studying, working or doing research at KTH, with an interest in horses and technology? Join us for the first ever horsetech evening at KTH Inn...

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  • KTH Innovation Demo Day

    Published Jan 16, 2019

    From smart water meters to farming solutions of the future. Want to see some of the latest startups from KTH Innovation, KI Innovations and SSE Busine...

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  • Winning angles

    KTH students Axel Persson, Erik Micski and Clara Wessén won our KTH Innovation Challenge Flemingsberg - Tech for Better Health
    Published Dec 14, 2018

    A clever way of using advanced technology in a way that can prevent injury and improve athletes' performance was named the winner of our KTH Innovatio...

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  • Lunch Seminar: From lab to mountain – how tech from KTH saves lives on the ski slopes

    Picture: Recco
    Published Dec 07, 2018

    For one it started with a sense of powerlessness after a tragic avalanche accident, and for the other with the realization that many traumatic brain i...

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  • 400 people came to KTH to talk equality and technology

    Vania Ceccato, Professor at KTH, talked about how urban planning can promote safety for women
    Published Dec 07, 2018

    On December 6th, KTH Innovation opened the doors to TEDxKTH Women: Showing up. 400 participants gathered at KTH to hear six amazing TEDx-talks, eat 80...

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  • KTH startups met leading investors

    Dora Palfi from imagiLabs, Klaus Hommels, founder of Lakestar, Per Hedberg from Sting and Tom Magnergård, KTH Innovation
    Published Nov 28, 2018

    Interest is high in new technology from KTH, not only here in Stockholm, but also on a global scale. Today, KTH Innovation welcomed Klaus Hommels and ...

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  • Prins Daniels Fellowship inspired KTH Students

    Published Nov 23, 2018

    Prince Daniel of Sweden visited KTH On Wednesday November 21st to inspire students to become entrepreneurs.

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  • KTH Innovation Challenge Flemingsberg: Tech for better health

    Published Nov 09, 2018

    Are you a KTH researcher, employee, or student with an idea that could prevent disease, improve diagnosis, or provide more efficient health care proce...

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  • KTH Innovation on tour: Flemingsberg

    Published Nov 08, 2018

    Hej Flemingsberg! KTH Innovation is coming to you! On four Thursdays in November and December, we'll organize workshops and seminars, provide opportun...

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  • Eleven startups accepted to KTH Innovation's Brighter Program

    The participants in the 2018 Brighter Program
    Published Oct 19, 2018

    Eleven startups have been accepted to KTH Innovation’s Brighter Program, which gives early-stage startups a boost in their global development. Some of...

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  • Loopfree takes home the KTH Innovation Music Tech Challenge

    Published Oct 18, 2018

    On Monday, we finally announced the winner of KTH Innovation Music Tech Challenge. After a tough jury process, the Loopfree team was finally named the...

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  • TEDxKTH Women

    Published Oct 08, 2018

    The theme for this year’s TEDWomen conference is Showing Up, and at KTH this is exactly what we’re about to do.

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  • KTH Innovation Challenge Music Tech Finale

    Published Sep 28, 2018

    Application for the KTH Innovation Challenge Music Tech has ended and the hard task of picking the most innovative submission has begun. Are you curio...

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  • 15 new startups accepted to the Pre-incubator Program

    Mikaela Larsell Ayesa & Alice Axelsson, founders of AXMA
    Published Sep 24, 2018

    There seems to be no end to how many entrepreneurs KTH can produce. When KTH Innovation welcomes Batch 8, a record-breaking 15 aspiring startups enter...

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  • KTH Startup founder won the Alma New Award

    Published Sep 20, 2018

    Tina Bin Zhu, Founder of KTH startup MindfulHu, and a researcher and PhD student of Interaction Design at KTH, won the inaugural Alma New Award for he...

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