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  • From virtual kitchens to satellite propulsion systems: here are the latest startup projects from KTH

    Amin Kazemzadeh is a researcher at the KTH Department of Protein Science. Together with Sandra Jernström from Karolinska Institute, he's founded Flexpenser.
    Published Oct 16, 2019

    Yesterday, an exciting journey started for the fourteen new projects in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. Among the ideas are teams developing...

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  • KTH Innovation Challenge: Going climate neutral

    Published Oct 14, 2019

    By 2045, Sweden aims to achieve negative net emissions of greenhouse gases. Are you a KTH researcher with an idea or research result that can help red...

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  • Researchers solve key challenge in creating smaller sensors

    Different models of cell phones
    Atomically thin materials, so called 2D materials, could be the solution to build smaller sensors and electronic components that could for example be used in smartphones.
    Published Oct 11, 2019

    The technology in our ICT devices keeps getting smaller, and the question if we are approaching the limit of how small they can get keeps popping up. ...

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  • What venture capitalists look for

    Published Oct 11, 2019

    What does a leading venture capital firm look for before investing? Representatives from Lakestar, famous for their ability to handpick some of the mo...

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  • Seven sustainable innovations from KTH researchers

    Published Oct 04, 2019

    Research from KTH contributes to real and lasting change in society. Here are seven sustainable projects that have come through the doors of KTH Innov...

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  • The KTH spinoff with their sights set on Hollywood

    Mirko Lempert and Simon Alexanderson form the team behind Monocular
    Published Aug 30, 2019

    Collaboration between researchers from KTH and Stockholm University of the Arts give filmmakers new tools to create even better movies.

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  • Forget stressful exam periods with KTH startup Kollin

    Published Aug 29, 2019

    Ever procrastinated for too long and ended up losing sleep over an exam? KTH startup Kollin is here to put an end to your worries.

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  • Join the biggest Impact Startup Career Day in the Nordics

    Published Aug 29, 2019

    Use your KTH email address to get a fast track code to Norrsken Impact Week Career Fair.

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  • Five reasons for KTH researchers to join the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program

    Gustav Notander, Business Development Coach at KTH Innovation, coaching a team.
    Published Aug 27, 2019

    Working on your research and a commercialization project at the same time can seem daunting. But with support from KTH Innovation and a spot in the KT...

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  • Demo Day for Sweden's first sports tech accelerator program

    Published Jun 27, 2019

    The way we perform, consume and judge sports is changing. This was clear when the Swedish Olympic Academy gathered experts, startups and investors at ...

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  • The idea that can save thousands of hours for KTH PhD students

    Petter Lind and August Brandberg are two of the PhD students behind the winning idea. The third person in the team is Carl-Magnus Everitt.
    Published Jun 14, 2019

    Every year, students at KTH take thousands of tests, and it comes down to the PhD students at KTH to mark them, a job that takes several days per pers...

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  • Full house at Dr. Robert Langer's presentation at KTH

    Published Jun 11, 2019

    In May, KTH Innovation welcomed KTH researchers and specially invited guests to a lunch seminar with Dr. Robert Langer, David H. Koch Institute Profes...

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  • KTH Innovation Challenge: EECS

    Published May 22, 2019

    Are you a researcher, employee or student at the KTH School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science? Do you have a tech-based idea or project r...

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  • Why KTH researchers should go to Boston

    Niclas Roxhed with Capitainer's Dried Blood Spot sampling device which enables patients to conduct their own blood tests at home.
    Published May 22, 2019

    This fall, the KTH Innovation Brighter Program lands in Boston for the first time. We talked to Niclas Roxhed, Associate Professor in Micro and Nanosy...

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  • KTH Innovation on Tour: EECS School

    Published May 22, 2019

    In May and June, KTH Innovation visits the EECS school to meet students, researchers and employees, see new technology and inform about our support.

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  • Meet KTH startup ImagiLabs: girls shaping the future with tech

    ImagiLabs founders Beatrice Ionascu, Dora Palfi and Alexa Edström
    Published May 17, 2019

    Find a problem you’re passionate about solving, and a friend to do it with, and you’ll figure out the rest along the way. We talked to Dora Palfi, fou...

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  • A sustainable helmet in a double sense

    Rickard Croy, one of the entrepreneurs behind the helmet Lokatt.
    Published Apr 23, 2019

    What happens when you pair a fanatic snowboarder with KTH? In Rickard Croy's case, you get a helmet for extreme riders.

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  • Ten startups enter Sweden’s first sportstech accelerator

    Published Apr 11, 2019

    Ten startups who all support and empower the athlete, enter SPIN Accelerator Sweden, Sweden’s first sportstech accelerator program.

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  • KTH Innovation supports innovators creating the future of fashion

    One of the winning teams for 2019, Petit Pli, have created clothes that grow with your child.
    Published Apr 05, 2019

    In highest secrecy, five early-stage innovations capable of changing the fashion industry to the core have been meeting at KTH this week. The five win...

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  • Twelve of one hundred innovative startups have KTH roots

    RELOX Robotics is one of the startups that will receive funding from Vinnova
    Published Mar 14, 2019

    Vinnova announced yesterday which projects will receive funding in their call Innovative startups. Out of 613 applications, 98 were granted funding, a...

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