Join a startup at THS Armada

Imagilabs wants to make coding fun for teenage girls. They're one of the startups you'll meet at Armada.
Published Nov 15, 2019

We've teamed up with the organizers of THS Armada to arrange Startup Arena by KTH Innovation, your best chance this year to join one of Stockholm's most exciting startups!

This week, it's time for THS Armada , the largest job fair in Scandinavia. At Startup Arena by KTH Innovation in KTH Entré, you’ll meet up-and-coming startups, many founded by students and researchers from KTH.

Now, they’re looking for new talent to help them grow into the next Swedish success story, and you can join in right from the start! You’ll also meet us at KTH Innovation to find out how you can get support to develop your own ideas.

Come by our Startup Arena on November 19th-20th, in KTH Entré! 

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Exhibiting startups:

Addressya - Tuesday & Wednesday

Addressya has developed an app and a system that allows everyone to create a complete, precise and easy to use address and share it with people and businesses with full control over their own data.

Recruiting React Native Developer, Back end engineers, Platform engineers, testing experts.

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Cryptolens - Tuesday & Wednesday

Cryptolens is a SaaS that makes it trivial to commercialize and protect any kind of software, augmented with tools software companies require to succeed in their business.

Recruiting two Software developers

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EVAM - Tuesday & Wednesday

At EVAM we are on a mission to change the way special vehicles operate by digitalizing the emergency vehicles market. We develop and sell automotive products and services focusing on digitalization and V2X.

Recruiting Software developers, Marketing & Sales

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Greenlytics - Wednesday

We are providing weather analytics and machine learning solutions to the power industry.

Recruiting a data engineer, Business developer and Master thesis student (in machine learning).

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ImagiLabs - Wednesday

We at imagiLabs make coding fun for teenage girls. A community where girls between 12-16 get creative with mobile-first tools and gadgets customisable through programming.

Recruiting interns/part time employees for an Android and/or iOS Developer and a UX/UI designer (possibly a combination of these) as well as a Product Designer.

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Ingrid Cloud - Tuesday

Ingrid Cloud offers fully automated flow simulations (CFD) as a cloud based service. Making CFD so easy, anyone can conduct an accurate high-fidelity simulation.

Recruiting future employees (developers and CFD-engineers) and degree project students.

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Kollin - Wednesday

We help university students ace their exams.

Recruiting one front-end developer, one ux-designer and ome machine learning student, either part-time or for their master thesis.

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Labtrino - Tuesday

Intelligent non-invasive water meters for apartment buildings

Recruiting Backend and/or frontend developers

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ManoMotion - Tuesday

ManoMotion is a deeptech company focused on using Computer Vision & Deep Learning methods to build a software development kit to track the hand and what it is doing from simple cameras found in normal Smartphones.

Recruiting AI/Deep Learning/Computervision scientists, Software developers knowing Unity and Android/iOS inside out.

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Flic - Wednesday

Flic is a Swedish tech company behind the world’s smartest button with products including Flic, Powered by Flic and Flic Hub. With simplicity at its heart, Flic, is creating a single, trusted communication point between people and the services they love.

Recruiting an Android Lead Developer, Supply Chain and Production Lead

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Enhanden - Wednesday

Enhanden is a day-to-day knowledge acquisition platform. It's a place for people to stay up-to-date, gain new knowledge and grow in their fields.

Recruiting Backend/Devops developer (Intern / Part-time), User relation/success manager (Intern / Part-time) and potentially a Data Scientist (Part -time)

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Ridesum- Tuesday

A digital horse training arena connecting riders & trainers globally for better results.

Recruiting a Full Stack Developer. Interested in meeting degree project students

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Care to Translate - Tuesday

We are tearing down language barriers in healthcare by developing a digital healthcare translator. The company was founded in 2018 and today we have already 53 000 users in over 100 countries.

Recruiting developers (.Net/C#), marketers (with a focus on digital marketing) and sales people (B2B, e.g. hospitals and clinics)

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Future Closets - Wednesday

Future Closets is building innovative solutions for the clothing industry, challenging both ownership and accessibility. We're an impact-driven company with the goals to change consumers' consumption and build a sustainable future.

Recruiting data scientists and data engineers.

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Normative - Tuesday

We’re automating the sustainability reporting of big companies, providing the incentives and guidance required to drastically reduce their environmental footprint.

Recruiting tech talents! BackEnd developers, Data Scientist and UI/UX designers

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Bright Sunday - Tuesday

Everything we do at Bright Sunday aims at reducing CO2 emissions on a global level. We do it by offering Cleantech as a Service and cutting costs for businesses.

Recruiting interns, master thesis students

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Itchy - Wednesday

Itchy is automating the daily treatment management for people with chronic skin diseases like Psoriasis and Atopic Dermatitis, currently affecting over 350 million people worldwide.

Recruiting a fullstack developer/tech lead/technical co-founder

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We are developing a c2c delivery service by connecting people that want something delivered, with people who are already driving that route.

Looking for a creative application developer for a highly collaborative environment.

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Storyline is about being able to save geographical routes onto Google Maps and upload specific information to them.

Looking for a co-founder and potential CEO

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GoPlanet is a KTH startup that improves sustainability of big companies and individual travelers.

Looking for an ambitious and collaborative individual business developer and an app developer (react-native).


Billardi is an innovative financial services company with global reach.

Looking to connect to the brightest young talents for coming challenges.

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Andas Medical

We are a MedTech startup developing a device to help COPD & asthma patients with using their inhalers everyday.

Looking for an engineer who can help with prototyping and product development ideally with experience in electronics, sensors, and Arduino.


We digitize all stages of “going out” to build a democratized nightlife for everyone.

Looking for a UX/UI designer with coding experience/ Artistic Frontend Developer

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Bringing digital art to the world through an innovative, high-tech enabled and secured blockchain solution.

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