KTH Innovation Demo Day

From biobased ski helmets to software for autonomous vehicles. Want to see some of the latest startups from KTH Innovation? Join us for Demo Day at KTH Innovation on May 23rd!

Time: Thu 2019-05-23 16.45 - 19.00

Location: Nya Matsalen, Nymble

Join us for Demo Day at KTH Innovation on May 23rd as five promising KTH startups get ready to take the next step after one year in KTH Innovation’s pre-incubator program.

Want to come to Demo Day?

Join us for Demo Day at KTH Innovation on May 23rd as five promising KTH startups get ready to take their next step.

Come see the latest technology on the way out on the market, meet the students and researchers behind the ideas, and who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to follow in their footsteps!

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16.45 Doors open

17.15 Program on stage begins

19.00 Aftermingle

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They pitch at KTH Innovation Demo Day on May 23rd, 2019


Ainomaly enables traditional automotive manufacturers and their supplier base to catch up with the big tech companies in the race to deliver autonomous vehicles. We apply 12 years of research from KTH to solve commercial problems by identifying anomalies in highly complex real-time systems. Our first solution, ROBOTest is targeted at the automotive industry, where it is making modern cars safer by improving testing of on-board safety critical software.

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Everybody is unique. However, there are only limited choices in mass-produced cosmetic products for each person to show who they really are and how they want to look like. With their advanced rapid production and augmented reality technology, Ellure wants to empower people with personalisation and self-expression. They offer a tailored liquid lipstick solution, where customers can choose any colour that they want through AR and have it produced by a lipstick printer within 5 minutes. Lipsticks are only the first step. Ellure aims to disrupt the cosmetics industry and provide personalised cosmetics to everyone around the planet.

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We develop the world’s most environmentally friendly helmets for sustainable extreme sport athletes. Helmets made from revolutionary, strong and lightweight bioplastics and composites, that originates from plants instead of fossil oil. Our first helmet model is built for skiers and snowboarders that demands cutting edge protective gear, to give them the ability to make a pro-environmental statement, without compromising on safety, comfort or style.

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Monocular provides a collaborative and cost-effective system that allows film teams to use miniature figures to create animated Previs in realtime. Thanks to realtime feedback, the film team can quickly explore different ideas for blocking, pacing and camera work. As we deploy a miniature paradigm, our system does not require a large space, real actors or camera rigs. In contrast to traditional VFX vendors, where Previs is handcrafted frame-by-frame by teams of animators, our tools put the visualization process directly back into the hands of the creative team.

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ZIFRO wants to spread understanding and knowledge about programming as a tool. With our coding environment, where programming is made less abstract and hands-on applications are always at focus, we make basic knowledge and understanding of programming available to everyone. We want everyone to feel engaged in this digital era.

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