KTH Innovation Demo Day

Meet the latest startups from KTH and help us celebrate their achievements!

Time: Tue 2019-10-08 16.45 - 19.00

Location: Nymble, Drottning Kristinas Väg 15-19

What does the world’s fastest image annotation system, a novel jaundice detection device, and a way of calculating Co2 emissions from food have in common? It’s the technology behind some of the latest startups from KTH, now graduating from the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. Come to Demo Day on October 8th!

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KTH Innovation Demo Day

KTH Innovation Demo Day

Hear from the latest startups from KTH

Meet others at KTH passionate about solving challenges big or small

Network with entrepreneurs, founders and investors

Find a teammate for your idea or a job in a new startup

See how KTH Innovation can help you bring your ideas to life

They address global challenges, solve hands-on problems in our everyday life, and turn their research into innovative solutions.

Starting with little more than an idea, these KTH teams have spent a year in intense development in the KTH Innovation pre-incubator program. 

Meet them at Demo Day:


Apostar raises the competence of the employees at Swedish pharmacies.

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Ventury is a web based service for entrepreneurs and business angels to analyze and understand the economic consequences of funding proposals and agreements from investors.

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Royal Scheduler

Royal Scheduler is a modern cloud-based scheduling system that automizes the scheduling process using sophisticated algorithms.

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SuperAnnotate AI

Super-fast, pixel accurate image annotation, powered by AI

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Klimato offers a tool which calculates and presents CO2e emissions from food, enabling companies to create a good environmental profile by providing transparency in consumer choice.

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Clouio automates contact tracing in medical environments.


Kollin helps university students during tough exam periods, by sorting past exam questions by topic and difficulty.

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Enhanden is a day-to-day knowledge acquisition platform. It's a place for people to stay up-to-date and gain new knowledge in their fields.

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Jaisy offers instant and non-invasive jaundice detection with an optical mobile device connects to any smartphone.

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