Lunch Seminar: Patents - a tool for success in research and commercialization

Published Apr 27, 2018

Welcome to the next event in our popular lunch seminar series where we bring up relevant topics for you as a researcher at KTH.

Each year KTH researchers produce results and solutions than could or should be patented. But patenting is costly and complicated and not everyone has the experience, time, or interest required. At the same time, working with patents and other types of intellectual property rights, such as copyright, can not only enable commercialization, but also open up for industry partnerships and research funding.

Therefore, KTH Innovation offers patent support in the form of advice, funding and support in licensing patents to industry. Every year, around 20 patents are filed with support from KTH Innovation, and we help 40 projects in investigating how and if an idea could be protected using patents or other forms of IPR.

At this lunch seminar, you will meet KTH researchers who in different ways have used patents in their research and commercialization efforts. Niclas Roxhed from KTH Innovation alumni start-up Capitainer willshare their journey from the lab at KTH to a growing company that enables patients to collect their own blood samples. An interesting story, where patents have played a crucial role ( read more on )

You will also meet other researchers who have used patents to protect their research results, but have chosen a different route than forming their own company. Pelin Sahlén from SciLife Lab will tell us about the support she receives from KTH Holding in patenting and licensing her technology for gene analysis that can be used to create new medical products and diagnosis methods.

Hear their stories, meet KTH Innovation’s Patent Engineer Cecilia Sandell, and ask all your questions on May 22, 2018, 11.30-13.00 at Lindstedsvägen 24, 5th floor. A light lunch will be served.

When: May 22, 11.30-13.00

Where: Fantum, Lindstedtsvägen 24, 5th floor

Follow this link to register.

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Last changed: Apr 27, 2018