Twelve of one hundred innovative startups have KTH roots

RELOX Robotics is one of the startups that will receive funding from Vinnova
Published Mar 14, 2019

Vinnova announced yesterday which projects will receive funding in their call Innovative startups. Out of 613 applications, 98 were granted funding, and of those 98, twelve have started with support from KTH Innovation.

The call is aimed at early-stage companies in need of funding to develop innovative and sustainable solutions with the potential of reaching the market and contribute to Sweden’s development and competitiveness. The 300 000 in funding will be used to develop prototypes, develop the projects’ business models, or on strategies to protect their ideas.

- The high number of KTH projects that have been granted funding shows the high quality of our startups, and that they have been well-prepared and verified in KTH Innovation’s process, says Daniel Carlsson, Business Development Coach at KTH Innovation.

The ten startup projects have been founded by both students and researchers at KTH, and develop a wide range of different technologies. 

These are the 12 KTH startup projects that have been granted funding


Checheza  provides digital learning games for the African market, by aggregating quality games from partners on our platform and adapt them to local needs. Our goal is that children learn reading and math, at their own pace, on their parents smartphones, as an effective complement to school.


Consecio  wants to change the way people share and manage contact information. Our mobile app makes it easy for users to exchange contact information, find contacts, and keep the information updated, without compromising privacy.


Imagilabs  teaches young women to code using self-expression. In a world where most technology gadgets and toys on the market appeal more to boys by design, imagiLabs goes against the trend with a product designed with and for girls.


Labtrino  AB develops an intelligent water meter system for residential property owners. The company’s Trinometer system uses machine learning to break down water usage data into outlets and diagnoses an entire homes water usage from a single non-invasive sensor, in order to increase awareness and reduce usage.


For the skilled mountain explorer who actively speaks up for the environment, and demands cutting-edge protective gear, we give the rider the ability to make a pro-environmental statement without compromising on safety, comfort or style. Unlike our main competitors, Lokatt  provides a helmet that is almost entirely made from bio-based materials, yet with high performance.


Hagnesia AB is a startup company that develops linear and rotating electrical machines withextremely high force/torque densities, extremely high efficiencies and a decent power factor.

Royal Schedule

Royal Schedule  is a modern cloud-based scheduling system that automizes the scheduling process using sophisticated algorithms. Upload files containing rooms, teachers and classes or simply enter the information directly through the interface and create a schedule by simply a single key press.

Health Support Sweden/Provement

Provement  is a software service with connected hardware that aims at making clinical childhood obesity treatment more effective and efficient.

RELOX Robotics

Relox Robotics  develops task-specific autonomous robots to help companies become more efficient and sustainable. The products are based on a robotics platform that is adjustable to different needs and environments. Our first product is a smart, self-navigating robot that collects golf balls on golf ranges. We offer a technical solution that includes high accuracy local positioning together with intelligent software.


SKOPAS  enables you to charge your powerbank within 10 minutes and then use it for a range of applications where you don’t have constant access to the electrical grid.


Tntor  helps university students during tough exam periods, sorting past exam questions by topic and difficulty.

Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis  is a food tech startup based in Stockholm with the goal to accelerate the transition towards sustainable food production.

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