At KTH Innovation, you'll find a business development coach with knowledge of your area of technology. They all have experience and competence in building businesses, and are ready to meet your particular needs when taking your idea to the market.

The core of the KTH Innovation offer is building a business case around tech ideas. Through coaching, support and motivation we help you to drive your idea forward and make it ready to meet the market. Our support is comprehensive and covers everything from developing an idea to a viable business concept, including getting market feedback, creating customers contacts, sales support, writing a business plan and starting a company.

The KTH Innovation Process

In order to take your idea from the earliest development phase to reaching the market it needs to be processed through a number of activities and phases. At KTH Innovation we use a carefully developed innovation process that spans three main phases. These are: 

  1. Idea phase
    This is where you describe your idea, and we go through ownership and other legal aspects so that you can be sure you own your innovation.
  2. Pre-study phase
    In this phase you develop your business idea and with our help start to investigate potential application areas to determine how to realise the idea. It is also during the pre-study phase that we start looking at funding options and team development. 
  3. Project phase
    Finally we focus squarely on the commercial development of your idea and the support from KTH Innovation kicks into a higher gear. Customer contacts are cultivated, market input from a first customer is sought and we prepare for the next step which might be options like incubation, incorporation or selling a patent, for example. 

Contact KTH Innovation

We'd love to tell you more about the innovation process, the phases and the support we provide at a first meeting that you book by simply sending us an email. Describe your idea briefly, let us know which technical field it's in and if you are a student or researcher at KTH. We'll contact you and schedule a meeting where you'll find out more about us and we find out more about you and your idea. Click the button below to set up a meeting with us! 

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Last changed: Dec 04, 2019