Pressrelease: KTH Innovation starts project for more female entrepreneurs

There's a lot of talk about the lack of female engineers today, and looking at statistics men are over represented in the tech industry. Doesen't that just feel old fashioned in the year 2016?

Photo: Håkan Lindgren

After closing the books on 2015 we found that only 13 % of the idea owners that KTH Innovation supports are women. This is a quite sad number but we're not going to stick our heads in the sand. We're starting Project W (Women) that is going to boost female innovation develoment at KTH. The aim is to highlight women's ideas, get them up on the table and out on the market, but also to quality assure our own working methods.

At KTH Innovation our support services are built on well designed and evaluated processes and methods that help researchers and students get their new technology out onto the market. Now we want to examine these processes and methods to makes sure they serve both men and women equally well. What do we need to change to support female researchers' and students' ideas better? What do we need to do not just to attract more women but also to meet their needs and requirements? 

100% more women

During the project we are going to post regular progress updates on this site. In order to reach our goal - a 100% increase in women using our support by the end of 2017 - we need to be transparent and open about our work. We know this is an ambitious target but it just has to be possible, it is after all 2016 and about time we made this kind of progress. We want to take responsibility and get to the bottom of these issues because this kind of gender imbalance among engineers and community builders is a problem. We have to address the fact that if we do not have the input from half the population on decision making, technival innovation and development of our society then the future looks bleak. Quite frankly, more diversity among entrepreneurs, innovators and engineers is a necessity for our future.

Female role models in the spotlight

And we need your help! KTH Innovation wants to get in touch with inspirational female innovators and entrepreneurs of all ages who have chosen a career in tech and who, in their own individual ways, contribute to a more diverse worksforce in the tech industry. 

Please help us find them and give them a chance to stand out of the crowd and hopefully inspire more women to choose a career in tech. Who is your role model? Do you have an inspiring manager or collegue who is the only woman at the table? Or are you one of these women (don't be shy!) who deserves attention and a chance to inspire others? 

We know you're out there - we just need a helping hand to find you!

Nominate her on Twitter by using hashtag #KTHIWomen and #InclusiveCulture

During week 15 we are running a mini campaign on Twitter with inspiring people who have all made a career as Women in Tech. Follow @KTHInnovation today and you won't miss a thing! Click here to follow the campaign!

Do you want to know more about project W or get in touch with us? Please contact Project Manager Anna Isoz på

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Last changed: May 17, 2017