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What is Project W?

Project W ran 2016 to 2017 to get more women to use the support of KTH Innovation.

The event Media Hachathon this February attracted both women and men focusing on technical solutions to secure the freedom of speech. Photo: Patrik Lundmark


KTH Innovation helps researchers and students at KTH to commercialise their research results and business ideas. There are significantly more men than women who use our support. 

At KTH, equality opportunities and diversity is an integral part of the organisation and work environment. 

When we started Project W in the spring of 2016 it was to give gender and diversity issues a central and purposeful place at the heart of our work. We wanted to find out how our process, method and communication can be developed to be more inclusive and attract more women to innovation and entrepreneurship.


The number of women who are active idea owners increased by 70% during the project. It is not totally satisfying but we have to view it as a work-in-progress. As this is now one of our standard metrics we stand a much better chance of increasing the number of women who make use of our support.

We have performed a thorough analysis of our main processes, made a list of measures and integrated insight and knowledge from the project in our communication and activity plan.

The most important result of the project is that we, simply by addressing the issue, already improved out support to women at KTH. Compared to 2016 we have higher percentage of female idea owners, they are awarded a larger share of verification funds, we have a higher number of female consultants winning consulting assignments in our innovation projects and we have integrated the efforts for improved gender equality into our operations plan. We will stick out our neck and claim that it is proved beyond reasonable doubt that KTH Innovation supports the innovation development of women and men on equal terms. 


If you would like to know more about the project and our work for gender equality you are more than welcome to contact project manager Anna Isoz ( We are keen to share our experience, insight and results from this important work!

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Last changed: Jun 14, 2018