Integration Lab

Integration Lab is a living lab committed to improving sustainable contacts between home healthcare and health services.

Our mission

Innovative minds have always looked to make the lives easier, healthier and more enjoyable. We see how innovation is making our days easier with telecommunication, self-driving cars, virtual reality or Internet of Things (IoT). We see also how innovation is improving medicine and the ways we are taking care of sick people. Yet the most important place that seems to lack innovation is a place where we spend a big portion of our day. Our own home.

Promotion of healthcare is about making sure that people are maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. It is about making sure elderly homes are equipped to offer an independent and safe environment. Making sure family homes are a suitable environment for children to grow and develop is healthcare. Making sure student homes are suited for students’ hectic and event-full days is healthcare.

Our mission is to develop, co-create and promote technologies that will improve our users’ quality of life from their homes.

What we do

KTH Integration Lab is aimed towards the elderly, families, young people and other users who want to improve the quality of life in their homes. Home healthcare is usually focused on the elderly or disabled, and while those categories are important and included in our research, we believe that everyone deserves a home that promotes health and well-being. We want to find innovative solutions for the day-to-day activities of our users, and make homes a safe, happy environment to live in.

In the future, we want to make a home that takes care of YOU!

Living lab

Our living lab approach offers ground to test, investigate and study the usage of different technologies in a place that is as close to a real home as possible. Located in the institute at KTH, the “apartment” is 57m2. It is equipped with smart home devices, fully furnished and ready to test out new technologies.


Innovation lies at the centre of our project and therefore we welcome new ideas and new partners to develop a co creation environment where the interests of the user are under the spotlight.

Our services include:

  • A team of experienced researchers
  • Validation services (incl. usability tests, technology tests and others)
  • Needs assessment
  • Product testing and evaluation
  • Courses and seminars on gerontechnology, digital systems, technologies for rehabilitation and health care, health care and home help services and many more
  • Logistic support
  • Concept development
  • Co-creation services
  • Plan for growth using lessons learned
  • Meeting space


Living Labs and Test Beds