About IRIS

IRIS is an overall school initiative that started in 2019 with the aim of contributing to increased sustainability in industry and society.

IRIS drivers and motivation illutration

The mission of the ITM school, as set out in our development plan  is to lead the transition towards a zero-emission, adaptable industry for a sustainable society characterized by new product and service designs, new materials, new business models, sustainable energy systems, recycling, reuse and remanufacture.

IRIS works with digitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship, and focuses on four strategic areas for research, education and impact:

  • Industrial transformation through sustainable digitalization
  • Integrated mechanics, components and materials design, including additive manufacturing
  • Sustainable energy systems, infrastructure and business
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems and infrastructure

Specific goals of the initiative

IRIS provides a unique opportunity to proactively establish the ITM school at the forefront in addressing research on sustainable industry and society.

Specific goal are to:

  • Create strong research environments at the ITM school that are focused on achieving the mission. This will entail to
    • Stimulate and create new cross-department collaborations within and across the four areas
    • Leverage existing efforts (e.g. centers) and align with other new initiatives (e.g. Sustainability, Circular Economy, Techlab and the KTH platforms) in order to create synergies where relevant
  • Enhance the visibility and impact of KTH in these areas – internally and externally – drastically improving the communication


Generally, IRIS activities will encompass research and networking / communication. A number of mechanisms will be utilized including but not limited to new positions in strategic areas, internal mobility, invited sabbaticals, workshops, invited speakers with lecture series and infrastructure efforts including data gathering.

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