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Additive manufacturing

Research and education on additive manufacturing, with the the aim of enhancing the energy saving, reducing the waste and increasing the functionality of components.


I am working to develop research and education on additive manufacturing at KTH. My research interests are wide from polymers to metals, metal matrix composites, shape memory alloys and advanced materials with a view to implement the necessary material/machine/process adjustments. Within IRIS, I am supervising my students on various topics including developing copper components for heat exchanger applications via EBM, looking into thermal stresses/strains within EBM, and EBM of shape memory NiTi. I am also working with the colleagues from other departments and have developed a PhD course on additive manufacturing (FMG3920).

Aims and objectives

The aim of these activities is to enhance the energy saving (e.g., by enabling advanced copper heat exchangers), reduce the waste (e.g., by mitigating the thermal stresses/strains during EBM), increasing the functionality of components (e.g., by investigating the EBM of shape memory NiTi), and contribute to quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities.

Project plan

After reaching complete or partial success in the above areas, now we are using this seed to bring more fund and projects and publish more results.

Applied interdisciplinarity

  • At IIP, we produce the EBM components, testing and optimizing the parameters for pure copper
  • With the help of MSE, we examine powders and test/analyse the microstructure of the parts.
  • With the help of EGI, we will make demo heat exchangers enabling their studies
  • With the help of the department of Engineering Mechanics, we set up and run the Ansys simulation to access the thermal stress of EBM made IN625.
  • At IIP, we measure the EBM parameters to process new materials such as NiTi
  • At IIP, we develop EBM process parameters to manufacture components from new materials such as NiTi
  • With the help of MSE, we examine powders, we test/analyse parts, and we control the properties.
  • At IIP together with MSE and solid mechanics, we develop PhD course for additive manufacturing to include all aspect of additive manufacturing, from part design to machine and process parameters and finally materials design aspects.

KTH collaborations

Energy Technology
Production Engineering
Material Science and Engineering

My work is done in collaboration with: Xiaoyu Zhao and Zeyu Lin from IIP, Asst. Prof. Chris Hulme Smith and Assoc. Prof. Greta Lindwall and Dr Raquel Lizarraga Jurado from MSE, Prof. Bj rn Palm and Dr Bassam Edmond Badran from EGI, Prof. Mårten Ohlson and Dr. Rami Mansor from the department of Engineering Mechanics

Other collaborations

Asst. Prof. Yuan Wei from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Prof Liang Hao from China University of Geosciences


October 2020 – December 2023

Project participants