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Innovation management, innovation eco-systems and entrepreneurship

IRIS area IV: Initiatives for new cutting-edge research within Innovation eco-systems, innovation management and entrepreneurship along with networking and communication activities.

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The aim of the area is to strengthen ITM as an environment for research in innovation management, innovation eco-system and entrepreneurship. Hence all efforts within the area Innovation eco-systems, innovation management and entrepreneurship (II&E) are targeting the following objective of the ITM development plan 2018-2023: “ITM constitutes an environment for I&E [innovation and entrepreneurship] research and education which is internationally recognized and attractive for students, researchers and external stakeholders.”

The ambition is operationalised in two sets of activities:

1. Initiatives for new cutting-edge research within II&E

Such initiatives are also expected to strengthen and integrate research activities at ITM. Research projects will focus on contemporary challenges in innovation management related to industrial transformation and sustainability concerns. We particularly foresee research focused on collaborative and collective innovation activities, and what managerial means that can be used to foster and strategically direct such activities.

Moreover, the area will also focus on novel research on innovation and entrepreneurship activities at ITM, with a particular interest in documenting how such activities link to industrial transformation and to sustainability concerns. We anticipate that such efforts may involve systematic documentation of innovation and entrepreneurship activities around the school, e.g. the development of new technologies and the creation of spin-off firms related to ITM research. Organizing data on these activities is expected to constitute valuable long-term infrastructural resources for research within the area. Such data, as well as the research expertise developed within the initiative, are also expected to be valuable for educational activities.

Furthermore, this initiative is expected to facilitate the visualization and communication of how the research and innovation environments at ITM are involved in eco-system(s) as well as fulfilling sustainability goals.

2. Networking and communication activities

Activities strengthening existing and building new networks involving international and national stakeholders, as well as within ITM. Such activities are expected to include lectures, workshops, visiting scholars, etc, and are to be managed by coordinators.


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