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The social benefits of the ITM school - Impact

Most of what we do at ITM aims to benefit society. We contribute knowledge, smart products and services, tools and much more that affect people's everyday lives. This effect we have on society we call "impact".

Impact on different areas

ITM work within the fields of energy, materials, sustainable production, logistics, industrial production, mechanical engineering but also industrial economics and learning. Investmentsor projects that have had an extra large effect on society, or that have great potential, become our so called Impact Stories. Below you’ll find a few different examples.


Man in front of presentation

High energy X-rays reveal the resistance of steel to embrittlement

The high energy X-rays at the Swedish Material Science beamline make it possible to see what’s happening within steels, in real-time, also in environm...

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Photo: Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

Recovered electronics reduce carbon footprint

Waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is estimated to grow to about 12 million tons by 2020 in EU, which makes it the fastest growing ...

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Photo: Alex Motoc on Unsplash

Sustainable refrigerators thanks to magnetic materials

Magnetic heat-pumps offer a low-energy demand and environmentally friendly alternative for the classical refrigeration industry. The process is called...

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Tool helps developing countries with energy planning – to limit costs

KTH has developed a tool for energy and integrated water-energy-land use planning: The Open Source energy Modelling System (OSeMOSYS). The tool calcul...

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Photo: Joakim Aglo un Unsplah

Electricity to the nearly 1 billion people still lacking it

KTH has developed probably the most used electrification tool in the world – a decision support when providing rural and urban areas with electricity....

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During their trip to China the students visited a steel company in the city of Meili.

Learning by solving a real challenge

Identify the problem – and solve it. Gather the knowledge you need along the way. That’s the concept of Challenge driven education, a method used duri...

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Machine Design

Electric car in urban environment
Photo: Andrew Roberts on Unsplash

Thesis hot topic in politicians’ social media

"It is cheaper to own an electric car than a petrol-driven car." If you think you’ve seen this headline recently, you’re right: the research of Jens H...

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En remsa med sensorer integreras i proteshylsan.

AI improves the lives of amputees

About 35 percent of those who have been amputated refrain from prostheses because they are too uncomfortable. By placing connected sensors in the pros...

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Photo: Sol on Unsplash

PECA will spread knowledge to the industry

KTH starts a knowledge bank with content that can be used by professional educators to put together corporate training. This way, Swedish industry wil...

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Production Engineering

Two robots with sensors.

A new era for equipment diagnoses

With built-in smart sensors and data analysis, machine tools and industrial robots will perform self-diagnoses, which is a big step forward towards a ...

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"From our vision, robots will not replace humans, they will assist us", says Vincent Wang and Lihui Wang at the KTH Department of Production Engineering.

Big robots getting ready to work alongside humans

The next generation of robots is about to enter the workplace alongside humans. The KTH-led SYMBIO-TIC project presents a smart industrial robot, unle...

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Photo: Festo

The first components for Plug & Produce

Production modules that reduce the installation cost when producing a product – that is something that the Evolvable Production Systems (EPS) has led ...

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Learning in Engineering Sciences

Image of the web page with two people at the front.

"Maths coach online" evens out the odds

"Maths coach online" (Mattecoach på nätet) offers young people aged 12-19 help with mathematics through online coaching by using text messages and a s...

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Scientific journals in a pile.

BibCap reveals the research community

By building an advanced bibliometric analysis capacity where you can compare universities and colleges, research institutes, companies and other organ...

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In March, teachers from African universities participated in a workshop on Student-centered learning at KTH. Here they visit the Visualization Studio at KTH. (Photo: Sara Nyberg)

KTH knowledge sharpens African universities

The ITM School helps five African universities to excel in entrepreneurship and teaching methods. Together with a handful of European universities, KT...

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