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The social benefits of the ITM school - Impact

Most of what we do at ITM aims to benefit society. We contribute knowledge, smart products and services, tools and much more that affect people's everyday lives. This effect we have on society we call "impact".

Impact on different areas

ITM work within the fields of energy, materials, sustainable production, logistics, industrial production, mechanical engineering but also industrial economics and learning. Investmentsor projects that have had an extra large effect on society, or that have great potential, become our so called Impact Stories. Below you’ll find a few different examples.


Malin receives a diploma and flowers from Peter, older man.
Malin Selleby is regarded as one of the world's foremost experts in thermodynamic modelling in materials design. Here, she receives the medal by Peter Samuelsson. Photo: Mats Gartz

Malin Selleby the first woman to get the Sefström Medal

Malin Selleby receives the Sefström Medal for her work in Computational Thermodynamics. The Sefström Medal is awarded by The Swedish association of mining and metallurgical engineers* every 5 years si...

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Remains of slag is emptied an a steel plant
Photo: Jernkontoret

Stainless-steel slag treat acidic wastewater

Slag from stainless-steel can substitute the use of lime to neutralise industrial acidic wastewater. This way part of the CO2 emissions derived by the extraction and processing of lime can be avoided,...

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Woman in lab holding a lab glass
Osmet started around the same time as Tova Jarnerud graduated from Bergs. Tova had not planned to do a doctorate, but was attracted by the Osmet project. Photo: Alexandra von Kern.

Paper waste makes greener steel

If the ideal sustainability project saves both the environment and money, and at the same time develops a research area, Osmet might be just that. Two of Sweden's largest basic industries join forces ...

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Sign "Valencia" from the city, a sunny day.
Photo: Reiseuhu on Unsplash

KTH students improve Spanish university campus

Over 100 KTH students have worked on creating sustainable energy system proposals for Valencia’s technical university. Each year the students of Energy Management, an international masters programme, ...

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Illustration of Björn Palm surrounded by houses and greenery.

Being relevant is key to dissemination

The energy field can make large contributions to a sustainable future – which is the reason why Björn Palm from Department of Energy Technology goes to work every morning. Being relevant to the indust...

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Tool helps developing countries with energy planning – to limit costs

KTH has developed a tool for energy and integrated water-energy-land use planning: The Open Source energy Modelling System (OSeMOSYS). The tool calculates the least-cost electricity, energy and resour...

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Machine Design

The garment as a prototype next to a picture of a girl playing basket ball in the suit.
In 2009, the Exopulse suit was just a prototype. Today, the garment improves motion range and reduces pain for hundreds of people with brain disorders as MS or dysfunctions from stroke.

Pain reducing tech suit on export

Garments designed to reduce pain and spasms for patients with brain damage – yes, this is done at KTH. More than ten years ago, researchers Johan Gawell and Jonas Wistrand at the Department of Machine...

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Woman sits in chair with phone
Study when, and how, it suits you - that's crucial in modern pedagogy for complementary education. Photo:, Unsplash

PECA starts educating Swedish industry

Swedish industry lack updated knowledge in many technologies. Now, KTH's industrial network ICES is about to change that when launching its pilot project, PECA. Here, professional educators are able t...

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Highest citation and best paper for unusual trio

Three ITM Professors from two different departments form the team behind JMS Best Paper Award for 2020 – celebrating the highest citations during five years. The cooperation is a little unusual, but i...

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Production Engineering

Portrait of Lihui Wang
Lihui Wang

“Citation is a sign of quality”

By spreading your work in the research community, you stay relevant and influence the agenda. The words are Lihui Wang’s, who thinks sharing results is the most effective way to evaluate your own rese...

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Highest citation and best paper for unusual trio

Three ITM Professors from two different departments form the team behind JMS Best Paper Award for 2020 – celebrating the highest citations during five years. The cooperation is a little unusual, but i...

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Two robots with sensors.

A new era for equipment diagnoses

With built-in smart sensors and data analysis, machine tools and industrial robots will perform self-diagnoses, which is a big step forward towards a more knowledge-driven and sustainable industry.

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Sustainable Production Development

Portrait of Monica Bellgran.
Monica Bellgran, professor of production management. Photo: Håkan Lindgren

She takes startups across the valley of death

The project "Production Angels," run by KTH and Södertälje Science Park, helps startups go from idea to production - a phase called "valley of death." With a fresh monetary addition, the project will ...

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Suganya (Indian woman) portrait
"You can talk openly with the teachers about what you need and then they focus on it." Suganya Senthil Kumar

Student's training brings sustainability to family business

A year ago, Suganya Senthil Kumar was studying in the international master's programme, Sustainable Production Development, at KTH in Södertälje. Now she is applying the knowledge she gained to her fa...

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Scania truck and postrait of Marie Heyman.
Marie Heyman, who works with competence development at Scania, is satisfied with the course package.

Technology shifts make Scania invest in further training

New technological shifts need new knowledge. Scania is investing in lifelong learning and together with KTH, Scania is updating its employees in the sustainable transport system of the future.

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Learning in Engineering Sciences

Black board with simple mathematic formulas.
Photo: Chuk Yong from Pixabay

Schools supported by KTH research

Three Stockholm municipalities have been given the chance to both contribute to and take part in research that KTH's teacher students do in their degree projects. The "KULF" project at the Department ...

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Image of the web page with two people at the front.

"Maths coach online" evens out the odds

"Maths coach online" (Mattecoach på nätet) offers young people aged 12-19 help with mathematics through online coaching by using text messages and a shared digital whiteboard. The coaches are teacher ...

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Scientific journals in a pile.

BibCap reveals the research community

By building an advanced bibliometric analysis capacity where you can compare universities and colleges, research institutes, companies and other organizations, you can see how these are positioned ove...

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