2nd workshop of the Open Source Energiewende: Model comparison project organized by DIW

Published Apr 25, 2019

Germany, April 3 - 4

On April 3 and 4 the second workshop of the project 'Open Source Energiewende: Model comparison' organised and hosted by the German DIW was held. The project compares relevant open-source power system models in a structured way in order to learn from each other, identify good modeling practice, and inform the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology of Germany (BMWi) about the capabilities of open-source models. In the modelling exercise the effects of cheaper battery storage in a 2030 perspective are analysed. Selectively also other aspects such as effects of sector coupling or particular model characteristics are compared. The workshop was attended by modellers working at the following institutions and representing the modelling tools in parenthesis: DIW Berlin (DIETER) , ETH Zürich (Calliope) , KTH Royal Institute of Technology (OSeMOSYS) , KU Leuven (Dispa-SET) , NEON neue energieökonomik (EMMA) , Reiner Lemoine Institut (oemof) , TU Berlin (dynELMOD) , TU München (urbs) , Universiteit Utrecht (Plexos Open EU), University College Cork (Plexos Open EU) . OSeMOSYS was represented by KTH dESA PhD candidate Hauke Henke .