Assessing the potential of the ocean economy of Mauritius with CLEWs

Published Jun 14, 2016

5th-13th of May

The World Bank is assisting the Government of Mauritius as it develops its ocean economy. In this regard a World Bank team visited Mauritius between the 5th-13th of May, to narrow the scope of planned analytical work that aims to assess the potential of the ocean economy to contribute to growth and job creation. The energy sector has been identified as one of the focus areas and theĀ  OSeMOSYS based CLEWs model for Mauritius , developed by KTH-dESA and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), was proposed as the tool to undertake this analysis. The team met with Government and private sector stakeholders to seek feedback on the methodology and scope of work, collect data and agree on a way forward. There was strong local support and the proposed plan was endorsed by the Government. The energy sector analytic work will be conducted by KTH-dESA.