CLEWs Country case studies: Kenya and Bolivia

Published Jun 14, 2016

Sustainable development goal no. 7

Country level CLEWs case studies were developed at KTH-dESA for Kenya and Bolivia. Detailed water and energy systems models were developed in  WEAP  and  OSeMOSYS  for this study. In addition to these tools, the Open Source Spatial Electrification Toolkit ( ONSSET ) was soft linked with OSeMOSYS for a more precise representation of the electrification plans for achieving different tiers of electricity access. The integrated assessments, though the articulated combination of the different sectoral models, allowed for the identification of key interlinkages between the land use (agriculture), water and energy sectors considering the rapid irrigation plans in the East African block for Kenya and the aggressive natural gas and hydropower expansion in Bolivia. The studies also covered the estimation of the cost of new infrastructure to meet the  sustainable development goal no. 7  (energy access to all by 2030) under a changed climate.