DEEDS Consortium meeting in Athens

Published Mar 28, 2019

March 14-15

On March 14-15, the DEEDS  project (Dialogue on European Decarbonisation Strategies) consortium met in Athens, Greece. Hosted by DEEDS partner E3-MODELLING, the meeting centered on discussions on project progress,the dissemination of the Final Report  of the High-Level Panel (HLP) of the European Decarbonisation Pathways Initiative, and the upcoming workshop series  in 2019, which will take findings of the Report forward. Workshops and tailored outputs to engage a broad group of stakeholders will be carried out for the each of the decarbonization areas covered in the HLP report: social innovation and lifestyle change, industry, energy, mobility, cities, agriculture, and innovation and investment. At the meeting in Athens, KTH-dESA PhD candidate Rebecka Engström  led the brainstorming session on how best to take key findings related to decarbonization in Cities forward.

In parallel with the consortium meeting, the first academic publication of the project was accepted for publication, presenting a Research and Innovation Agenda for Zero-Emission European Cities . Lead author of this effort was KTH-dESA assistant professor Francesco Fuso Nerini , with support from Rebecka Engström and other DEEDS partners.