First CLEWs steering committee meeting

Published Aug 09, 2018

June, Trieste, Italy

Following a set of scientific meetings, the first CLEWs steering committee meeting was held in June, Trieste, Italy. Organised by Eunice Ramos and Vignesh Sridharan with help from the KTH-CLEWs team, it included critical input from Tom Alfstad of UNDESA, Silvia Ulloa representing UNDP, Jiagou Qi of Future Earth, Bassel Daher of Texas A&M, Mathew Kurian of UNU-FLORES, Lucia de Strasser of FEEM, Luis Dias of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and several others. Key elements of the meeitng included building a community and consolidating the community's research agenda focussing on the Climate, water, energy, land-use (food) nexus. Topics ranged from institutional management to case studies of integrated resource assessments. The detailed agenda with the list of speakers can be accessed here .