Initial Meeting of the Energy Modelling Platform for North America (EMP-NA)

Published Nov 30, 2018

November 5th, Phoenix, Arizona

The inaugural meeting of the Energy Modelling Platform for North America (EMP-NA)  was held on November 5th, 2018 as a side event at the INFORMS Annual Meeting  in Phoenix, Arizona with in person participation from RMC Saint Jean, UT Austin , BCIT , PNNL , NREL , Payne Institute  and external support from UMass , Argonne National Lab , SDSN , WBG , UNDESA  and UBC . The EMP-NA meeting was preceded by a special session on Open Source, Applications and New Developments in Energy Modelling where recent advances were presented by members of the EMP-NA group. EMP-NA brings together interested researchers to develop an open source modelling platform that covers continental North America and will be organizing a second meeting at the 2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA in October, 2019 where progress on the platform will be presented and discussed. The EMP-NA group has collectively developed several key OSeMOSYS papers, they oversee university teaching and have contributed to government focussed capacity building for the United Nations and are looking for interested modellers to join the group. Interested modellers can contact Taco Niet at to be added to the distribution list for EMP-NA updates.