Intensive OSeMOSYS training at the UCLV in Cuba

Published Jan 02, 2019

Funded by the Linnaeus-Palme programme

From October 29th to November 16th, an intensive OSeMOSYS course was delivered at the Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de Las Villas (UCLV) , Santa Clara, Cuba. Taught by KTH dESA PhD candidate Georgios Avgerinopoulos , the course consisted of both lectures and hands-on sessions and aimed at helping students build the necessary skillset for developing their own energy model. Moreover, three staff from the Cuban Ministry of Energy attended the course and, in collaboration with KTH, started building an energy model to help them with their national planning. The course was funded by the Linnaeus-Palme programme as part of an ongoing effort to build collaboration between the two universities.