KTH-dESA at the DPAD/DESA and UNDP General Assembly

Published Nov 16, 2016

September 23rd, NYC, USA

Responding to the policy challenges of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, UNDESA and UNDP are promoting the development of longer term capacities on the use of modelling tools for sustainable development. On September 23rd, the two agencies arranged a workshop in New York City to present the experience of a recently concluded pilot course as well as the experience of a selected number of countries where capacity development projects have been implemented. Mark Howells, the Director of KTH-dESA, gave a presentation on the Climate, Land, Energy and Water Systems nexus, providing examples from Mauritius, Uganda, and India. These examples from KTH-dESA national and regional CLEW studies highlight the use of modelling tools to generate policy-relevant knowledge for sustainable development.