KTH-dESA authors a background paper on agriculture and the CLEW nexus

Published Oct 25, 2018

For the CGIAR-Independent Science and Partnership Council’s (ISPC) Science Forum

KTH-dESA researchers Vignesh Sridharan , Eunice Pereira Ramos , Youssef Almulla , Caroline Sundin , Asst. Prof Francesco Fuso-Nerini  and Professor Mark Howells  authored a background paper on agriculture and the nexus between climate, land, energy and water (CLEW) systems. The paper was commissioned by the CGIAR’s Independent Science and Partnership Council (ISPC), for their bi-annual Science Forum  which was held in Stellenbosch, South Africa between 10th-12th October, 2018. The central theme of the forum was to ‘Capture synergies between SDGs through agricultural research’. Dr.Fuso-Nerini and Vignesh Sridharan presented the work at the Forum, which was attended by researchers from agricultural research organisations across the world. The background paper laid the foundation for one of the three main discussion themes of the forum—how the agricultural sector plays a crucial role in the nexus between different CLEW components? The background paper along with the annex can be found here . KTH-dESA’spresentation from the forum can be accessed here .