Launch of the updated Global Wind Atlas, an open energy resource data tool!

Published Nov 23, 2018

An international collaboration led by ESMAP, the World Bank, DTU Wind Energy and Vortex

The Global Wind Atlas  is a result of an international collaboration led by ESMAP , the World Bank , DTU Wind Energy  and Vortex . The Global Wind Atlas allows the user to view and analyze a variety of wind data that can be used to assess the wind energy potential in a country or region, and to freely download high resolution data and maps. Together with the Global Solar Atlas , which provides solar resource information and data, and  which aims to collect open energy data, the Global Wind Atlas can facilitate energy planning efforts by providing open access data. All of these tools also provide GIS data, which can support geo-spatial electrification planning in particular.

Access the Global Wind Atlas here  and the Global Solar Atlas here .