New Paper

Published Sep 13, 2018

Energy model categorisation

A review paper  was published on Energy Strategy Reviews (Elsevier) , presenting a 'Comprehensive representation of models for energy system analyses: Insights from the Energy Modelling Platform for Europe (EMP-E) 2017'. The paper, authored by Müller B., Gardumi F. and Hülk L., is part of a Special Issue on 'Energy transition and decarbonisation pathways for the EU', collecting contributions from the first meeting of the Energy Modelling Platform for Europe. Among these contributions, energy modelling efforts based on OSeMOSYS are represented, focusing on Greece (as part of the EU-funded SIM4Nexus project) and on the EU (as part of the EU-funded REEEM project ). The paper stems from the copious literature on the categorisation of energy models and argues in favour of new dynamic categorisation methods. These shall be based on online open-access platforms, where the information about models, methodologies and applications is layered to meet the interest of different user groups.