OnSSET workshop in Benin!

Published Nov 23, 2018

October 22nd – 26th, 2018

On October 22nd – 26th, 2018, a workshop on the Open Source Spatial Electrification Tool ( OnSSET ) was held in Benin by KTH-dESA researchers Babak Khavari  and Andreas Sahlberg  in collaboration with SNV . 15 participants from both the public and private energy sector in Benin, as well as from two local universities attended the workshop. Lectures and practical exercises on geo-spatial electrification analysis, processing of GIS data and scenario analysis using the OnSSET tool were covered in the five day workshop. On the final day of the workshop the participants presented their results, and technical partners involved in the energy sector in Benin were invited to listen and discuss on the OnSSET tool and potential applications in Benin.

Read more on the SNV-KTH electrification study and workshop for Benin here .