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OSeMOSYS LP Matrix reduction Challenge launched by UNite Ideas

Published Nov 30, 2016

In collaboration with the UN Data Science and Visualization

On November 2nd, KTH-dESA and UN Data Science and Visualization - UNITE IDEAS launched a challenge for researchers and programmers across the world to rewrite the code of OSeMOSYS in order to reduce by orders of magnitude the size and generation time of the LP matrix. If solved, the Challenge, named SE4All MathProg Challenge due to its relevance to the 7th Sustainable Development Goal, will largely facilitate capacity building activities of OSeMOSYS in developing countries and will allow the uptake of the tool and its most advanced applications by researchers worldwide, with limited resources and computational requirements. Information and details for solving the Challenge are featured on UNITE IDEASĀ  website . A Q&A session chaired by KTH-dESA researcher Francesco Gardumi took place on Friday November 18th and the broadcast record is available onĀ  YouTube . The deadline of the Challenge is 18th of December.