OSeMOSYS-PuLP: A Stochastic Modeling Framework for Long-Term Energy Systems Modelling - Released!

Published Apr 25, 2019

Run Infrastructure and Technology Investment in Energy Systems Modelling incorporating Uncertainty

You can now run Infrastructure and Technology Investment Modelling incorporating Uncertainty (either as a distribution or with scattered data points) in one go.
OSeMOSYS-PuLP is a stochastic modeling framework for long-term energy systems modeling. It embeds the OSeMOSYS modeling framework  and makes it possible to perform stochastic simulations in a convenient and automated way. Model parameters can be either fixed values (as commonly used) or now, probability distributions. OSeMOSYS-PuLP has been written in Python 3.6 with the aid of additional Python packages.
To improve transparency and academic excellence, the code of OSeMOSYS-PuLP is available for free and open source. It is distributed under the Apache License Version 2.0. For more information, please see the GitHub repository  and the related peer-reviewed publication  by Dennis Dreier  and Mark Howells .