Second Energy Modelling Platform for Africa

Published Nov 23, 2018

To be held in Cape Town January 2019

The 2nd Energy Modelling Platform for Africa  (EMP-A) will be held at University of Cape Town in South Africa on January 14-31 2019. The objective of the EMP-A is to contribute to optimized investments for the energy transition in Africa for a low-carbon, inclusive and climate-resilient development pathway for the continent. EMP-A 2019 is organized and supported by a number of stakeholders, including UNECA , the World Bank , ACPC , KTH-dESA, UCT , Makerere University , Addis Ababa Institute of Technology , OpTIMUS , African Union , African Development Bank , UNDP , UNDESA , DFID , WRI , University of Cambridge , African Union Commission , Florence School  and Facebook .

The EMP-A 2019 will feature trainings on three open-source energy modelling tools; OnSSET , OSeMOSYS  and CLEWs . Further, a High-Level strategic dialogue of government officials, representatives of international organizations and the expert community on planning and policies for national and sustainable development for the 2030 Agenda will be held, as well as a complementary event organized by the UK Department for International Development ( DFID ) on developing an enabling environment to improve the energy planning capacity.

Read more about EMP-A 2019 and how to participate here .